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Ukraine: Nord Stream Is the End of Kyiv’s Exclusive Role

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“Concluding the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline means the end of the exclusive role of Ukraine as a Russian gas transit country for Western Europe”, Gazprom Director’s conclusion drawn from the conversation with the Prime Minister of Russia on the work progress of the pipeline. 

Władimir Putin i Aleksiej Miller, źródło: government.ru

Vladimir Putin and Alexey Miller, source: government.ru

Alexey Miller, Director of Gazprom, in a traditionally grotesque manner of reporting to his superior, gave Vladimir Putin an account of the progress of Nord Stream’s construction works. According to Miller, the second line of the pipeline going along the bottom of the Baltic Sea will be ready a month earlier than it was supposed to. The construction of the Black Sea fragment will be started in December. “Concluding the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline means the end of the exclusive role of Ukraine as a Russian gas transit country for Western Europe”, stated Miller. Vladimir Putin agreed but emphasised: “Russia’s partners remain crucial to us. Cooperation with Ukraine, Belarus and maybe Turkey in the future – like cooperation with all our partners – should be continued and built on mutually advantageous conditions”.

Watch Alexey Miller’s conversation with Vladimir Putin [ru]:

If that’s the case, it’s all shipshape.

Source: Interfax-Ukraina, RIA Novosti

Translated by Marta Lityńska

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